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Certified Personal Trainer Michelle Krenzer

1-on-1 Personal Trainer

1-on-1 with a Personal Trainer

Working out 1 on 1 with a top certified personal trainer like Michelle guarantees you’ll reach your goals. Also, you’ll reach them safely and effectively, which you don’t get on your own.

Michelle brings fresh, new exercises into the mix which keeps your body guessing and forever developing. She radiates inspiration, motivation and positive energy in each workout. She will bring you to new heights in fitness and strength.


Personal Training Customized Fitness Plan

Customized Fitness Regimens

Michelle will develop a personalized workout program for YOU. She will design it to meet your unique requirements and goals.

Whether you have injuries, physical challenges or just an overall fitness goal, your customized personal workout program will help you reach your goals.


Proper Fitness Form Personal Trainer

Proper Fitness Form

You can watch all the YouTube videos you want. However, nothing beats having Michelle by your side to give you immediate feedback on your technique, form and safety!

It is easy to injure yourself at the gym. Michelle pays special attention to cue both your mind and body, to ensure efficient and effective results, increasing strength and supporting your mind-body connection.


Equipment Education Personal Trainer

Equipment Education

It’s very important to know how to properly use fitness equipment. Not only to reach your goals, but to use them effectively and safely. Also, this equipment will generally have a variety of attachments and fittings. Each can slightly alter every exercise to work different muscles and recruit different muscle fibers.


Determine & Monitor Fitness Goals & Milestones - Personal Trainer

Determine & Monitor Fitness Goals & Milestones

Your goals are extremely personal and specific to YOU. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve strength or overcome injury, Michelle will develop goals which will lead you down the road to success.

Michelle works diligently with you to help you recognize tangible and intangible results. Even those positive ones that were not originally intended!


Individualized Nutritional Plans & Guidance - Personal Trainer

Individualized Nutritional Plans & Guidance

The human body is very unique and no two are the same. To reach your workout goals, your body requires a different nutrient balance.

Every week Michelle will give you your own personalized meal plan. It will be designed to provide your body with the specific nutritional needs required to help you reach your goal.


Nutritional Supplements - Personal Trainer

Nutritional Supplements

Today our food has become depleted in essential nutrients and regrettably, cannot give our bodies what we need to be healthy and thrive. Nutritional supplements are an essential piece to the overall wellness puzzle. They do not replace food; they simply fill in what our food lacks.

However, not all supplements are created equal. Some can do more harm than good. Michelle is educated and very knowledgeable on nutritional supplements, their sources and delivery systems, and it is her pleasure to be able to send you in the right direction to feed your body properly!


Accountability - Personal Trainer


We live in a fast pace world surrounded by many distractions that can easily steer us away from our true goals. Having a set appointment and knowing that Michelle is waiting for you at the gym with a smile on her face, ready to conquer the weights with you, makes it much easier to stay focused on your fitness goals!